Being a Carpenter Must Have Diligent and Diligent

Being a Carpenter Must Have Diligent and Diligent

Being a Carpenter Must Have Diligent and Diligent – Carpenter or buying is a profession that is still classified as a very step. Because not everyone can consistently pursue this profession, because to be a carpenter besides requiring adequate skills or talents within oneself also requires firm consistency to deal with it. At present the reality of carpenters in the regions is only a matter of fingers. In the sense of the area only two or three are left to become carpenters.

Being a Carpenter Must Have Diligent and Diligent

All those who survived were mostly old people, while their young children or successors had no intention at all to continue the process. Most of the old people who still stand to be furniture or carpenters because they have their own business that they open in their own homes. Usually they do or make household furniture such as; Chairs, tables, cabinets, beds and others.

Most of the tools they use are still manual, and only a few are assisted by machines. They work with the extra capacity of time and energy to be able to produce furniture that has been ordered by customers. During the day they work with simple tools such as elbows, rulers, meters, saws, clubs, nails, varnishes and others.

Work when there is an order

Usually they work according to customer requests. There are times when their orders are very numerous and crowded and sometimes they are also quiet, so their economic income is very dependent on the orders of these customers. Whereas carpenters who work in building fields such as to make / set houses can only work according to demand. They can only work at any time, especially when someone wants to build a new house.

But being a carpenter is only for a handful of people who have special skills in it. The carpenters hope that in the future there will be a new generation or seeds that really intend to learn and work in the furniture sector. Because according to him, this country actually only belongs to people who want to learn and want to be entrepreneurs, especially in the furniture sector.

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