How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe –¬†Wardrobe is a place to store clothes such as clothes, pants, shorts, wrinkles and so on. But to make a wardrobe is not easy because only people who have special skills can make it. Like carpenters or furniture, if an ordinary person makes a wardrobe then the results are not as good as we want. But if the builder buys it, the results will be perfect, because it is indeed his daily life.

Usually people who have more money prefer to buy a wardrobe in furniture places or in a Furniture mall. But what if those who do not have extra money, such as people who live in rural areas or people whose homes are migrated. So the only way is to make your own wardrobe. Well now I will tell you how to make a simple or minimalist wardrobe whose results are not inferior to the wardrobe in the place of Furniture. Below are some ingredients that you must have:

How to Make a Minimalist Wardrobe

Tool Making Cabinets:

Saw or serkel.
Screwdriver plus minus.
Electric drill.
Elbow iron.
Meter gauge.
Wooden pencil as a marker.

Cabinet Material:

Thickness of 18 millimeters as many as 3 sheets.
One sheet of plywood as thick as one sheet.
Eucalyptus glue.
Yellow wood glue,
HPL / decosit / melamine / sungkai for the coating.
Screws along five or eight inc.
Spoon hinges or butterfly hinges.
Drawer rails.

Steps to Make a Wardrobe

1. Sketch a two-door cabinet on a sheet of paper with a standard size of 60 x 120 x 200 cm. The side width is 60 cm, the front width is 120 cm and the height is 200 cm.
2. Prepare three multiplex as much as 18 mm thick to make the cabinet side. Then cut the length and width of 200 cm X 60 cm.
3. The three pieces of plywood will be used to make a two-door cabinet. So these three sheets of plywood will be used for insulation with two outer sides and one inner side.
4. For the inner plywood the length is reduced by 15 cm for the bottom of the cabinet.
5. Prepare two sheets of plywood for the bottom and top. Each measuring 120 cm X 60 cm.
6. Add instantaneous components to the cabinet rack as desired.
7. Arrange the shelves and hangers using an electric drill screw and glue.
8. Cut a 4 mm sheet of plywood for the back side and reinforce it with nails.
9. Make cabinet door components by cutting and cutting plywood. After the cut is right then attach the door. Then add mirrors, ornaments, and door handles and locks.
10. For finishing, attach the HPL coating material and don’t forget to polish it with paint to make it look elegant and attractive.

Above are the steps to create a minimalist cupboard with capital that is not too large.

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